Why is it Important to Select the Best Type of Hair Weave?

That is a simple question. If you want a hair-do that will last, then you need to know how to pick the best type of hair weave. If you are going to have a sew-in you are going to want to go with human hair. If you are getting individual braids, then synthetic hair extensions are going to give you the durability that you need.

Although hair extensions come in many different lengths, colors, and wave patterns, there are four main categories that they fall in. When deciding which one is the best type of hair weave for your next style, you should know the basics about Remy, synthetic, human, and yak hair.

What is so Great about Remy Hair?

I know you have all been recommended or told about Remy Hair. When you walk in the beauty supply shop and ask for good quality hair that will last for a long time and won't tangle, they are likely to point you toward the Remy. Depending on you budget, you may tell them never mind as this is one of the most expensive types of hair weave. However, Remy is well worth the money. It is 100% unprocessed human hair. The most important characteristic of Remy weave is that it is cuticle correct. This means that the cuticles are in tact and are lined up in the same direction. They fall in the same direction that human hair grows and this is why the Remy hair never tangles, or matts.

Other benefits of using Remy hair weave is that it is reusable. Some sellers say that the hair is so strong that it can be reused up to three times. This means you can use it in one hair-do, take it down wash it and reuse it in another. It can be permed, dyed, blown dry and it can handle thermal styling.

Synthetic Hair Facts

Synthetic hair is processed with synthetic fibers and is the least expensive type of hair you can purchase. However, I wouldn't use it with any hairstyle you plan on wearing for a long period of time. It does not handle heat and is very quick to tangle, matt, and shed. It is also very hard to blend synthetic hair in with your real hair because it is often very shiny. Some people say diluted fabric softener gets rid of this shiny look.

The best type of hair weave is synthetic in some cases. If you are getting individuals, then synthetic would be a good choice. You can wash the hair and is good "gripping hair" for braiding. It tends to irritate most people's scalp because of the acrylic base. Washing in vinegar and water should strip the hair if the acrylic coating and make it more bearable.

The 411 on Human Hair

Human hair has a very natural look to it and blends in very well. For obvious reasons, it can also be styled just as you would your own hair. It is a bit more expensive than synthetic but cheaper than Remy hair. It is mostly processed Asian hair and some Indian hair.

For the most part, you can treat human hair just as you treat your own hair but be aware of false advertisements. If you find a full bag of "human hair" for under twenty dollars, then I would be willing to bet you money that that weave is cut with either yak, synthetic fibers, or both. some of the "human hair" on the market is not human and the price is a good indicator. Others may be human but are considered "fallen" hair and have the cuticles running in all different types of directions. With "fallen" hair, the strands are collected from off the floor or out of brushes. It is then processed, usually with a silicone layer, to make it look nice. After several washes, the hair looses its appeal. The more expensive human hair is cut from individuals who grow hair for this purpose. The hair is cut from the their head with the cuticles in tact and all running in the same direction.

You should wash your human hair extensions gently with mild shampoo and conditioners and cool water.

What is Yak hair?

Yak hair comes from an animal, called yak. The hair is packaged in an unprocessed and processed from. The processed form is very course and resembles a relaxed African American hair.

When finding the best type of hair weave, you should consider, how long you need it to last, your budget, and the type of hairstyle you are getting.

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