Box Braid

One of the greatest things about textured hair is the ability to wear braids, and the box braid is a versatile hairstyle for everyone from young girls to older women. The braid itself is beautiful. For those unfamiliar with the term, these four part braids can be worn in both your natural hair and in added hair, such as that used in weaves. Once done, the braid can be curled and styled into many shapes and even worn in a variety of thicknesses. These braids are a wonderfully useful tool for any stylists. Oh yes and they look great too.

The trick to a good box braid is to pick a stylist that has some experience with these braids. They are slightly different from a three-part braid and can be more difficult for the inexperienced hair stylist. If you are adding hair, you need to know that your stylist is aware of some techniques that will ensure that your hair is not damaged from the weight of these sometimes-heavy braids. In addition, the stylist must be conscious of the tension caused by the braids, helping you escape a painful headache, by starting with a couple, one or two at the most, common fusion stitches at the root. After this is done, the stylist can begin the braid.

The box braid itself is a four-part braid that consists of two pairs of opposing strands, which are then crossed over one another, one pair woven over the crown of the other. The result is a braid that looks much like a box. This is of course where the braid got its name. They can then be styled into a second braid or shaped with curling aids such as curl forms. These simple hairstyles can last for weeks and look quite glamorous or edgy, if handled in a skilled fashion. You must make sure that your stylist is skilled at creating a look with which you will be happy. Be sure to check out the work they have done for others and the consistency of the parts. A good braid should be evenly spaced and look tight. Heat-sealing the ends should only be done with synthetic hair. If possible, you should avoid end ties in natural hair, as they typically damage healthy hair.

The last thing you should be aware of is proper moisture once the hairstyle is done. It is easy to forget this step as you focus on the style itself. However, you should keep all braids supple using a liberal amount of conditioner and oil. These products will be dependent on the texture of your hair texture and your preferences, but you should apply it religiously to the braids at night and in the morning. This will prevent the braids from breaking the healthy hair, as well as, giving them a sleek and finished look. Sleeping in a bonnet or silk scarf can also be helpful in extending the long life of hairstyle. After the hours in the chair needed to create your box braid hair sculpture, it is important that you maintain it so you can enjoy it for weeks to come.

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