Wearing a Brazilian Hair Weave

The Brazilian hair weave is perfect for those women, especially those of African ancestry, who want to rock extensions with the most natural look possible. Many of us take great pride in taking care of our hair; unfortunately, our natural hair is so curly and fragile that it could benefit from a break every now and then.

In the past, a wig or fall was the only way to have long flowing locks, quickly and reliably. However, today, there's a new solution - the Brazilian Hair Weave. This is a type of hair extension is called "virgin" hair, meaning it is of the highest quality possible - 100% human hair, with its cuticles (layers that protect the hair) intact.

Although most human hair extensions on the market are Remy hair from India, they are not suitable for everyone. However, as Brazilians are a blend of people of several countries of the world (mainly Europe, Africa and Asia), the kind of hair they produce is extremely diverse as well. Hair weaves from Brazil include all hair types ranging from silky straight hair to wavy, to curly hair. In fact, a simple research of hair extension providers shows at least three main types of Brazilian hair:

  • Latin hair -The hair is usually straight - but it turns curly when wet! Additionally, if you can make it permanently curly by either using a hair tong, or temporarily, by using lotion.
  • Wavy hair - This one has a wonderful, wild texture and it gets even wilder as it gets wet. If you use a hair tong this kind of hair usually gets spiral curls.
  • Curly hair - While the other two kinds of hair are extremely versatile as well, this hair type is the one that adapts the best to people of African ancestry should they want a more natural look. Its curls are simply mesmerizing. ?
There are also several ways to attach the hair extension or weave to your natural hair, the main ones being:
  • Clip-in and clip-on extensions - This is the best alternative from a health standpoint. Hair attaches to your head using small clips. Although the attaching can be a bit painful, this method is extremely versatile, allowing you to add and remove extensions whenever you want. This method allows you to go from a daytime "office look" to flowing locks for a fun evening on the town.
  • Bonding - These glue to the root of your hair with an adhesive, and they can have a soft or hard consistence. They only last from four to six weeks though before requiring maintenance.
  • Tracking - Basically, this method consists of linking your natural hair and the artificial hair through a very delicate "knot". This "knot", however, is easily visible, so tracking must be done very carefully.
  • Hot fusion - Of all methods, this one is the best if your goal is a natural look. This method uses heat and a glue substance to keep the hair together. It also has the advantage that your hair can be washed every week and use different hair products to match your personality. It lasts from three to six months.
Overall, if you are looking for the best, most natural process to use with your Brazilian Hair Weave, try a fusion extension. It is pricy, but you won't regret it - and men around you certainly won't resist to your charms.

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