Flat Twists - How To Install and Maintain Them

Flat twists were very popular when I was growing up and continue to be so today. You can have all of your hair twisted up into a ponytail or have only the top part twisted with the back out, curled, spiraled, or with two trand twists. I even saw some teenagers wear their hair twisted up on the sides with a mohawk in the middle. It is a very beautiful and versatile style.


I found this video on youtube that shows you how to install your own rolling twists. It was the best video out of all of the ones I viewed online. It appears long but she shows you how to install them in the first few minutes and then continues on to give you different techniques.

As for caring for your new style, they usually only last for three to four weeks and you should cleanse with witch hazel.

There are some people who should not have them installed.

  • Don't apply if you have thinning or bald spots - people will notice that your parts are too wide.
  • Don't twist to tightly at the hairline.
  • As always, make sure your hair is moisturized. You should never pull, braid, or twist dry hair.

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