How to Properly Remove Micro Braids

Knowing how to remove micro braids is very important especially if it is a style that you get often or if you do not want to pay a professional to remove them for you. Here are a few tips to make it a little easier on you!

  • The most important tip I can give is to remove the braids within the time frame your stylist gives you.
  • Cut the braid where you real hair ends
  • Try using a take down removal cream. They actually have creams that are especially for the removal of braids.
  • Saturate your hair with these removal creams or a good conditioner. Some of the braids may slip out on their own.
  • DO NOT wash your hair with the excess oils clumped at the top of the braid or with your hair tangled. Wait until the braids are completely removed and you have done a little detangling. If you don't you will end up with matted hair! I have done this beofre and I had to cut off a lot of my hair.
  • Be patient! You have to pay for all the months that you got a break from styling your hair. lol!
  • If you can afford it, pay your stylist to remove your braids. I have paid between 20 - 40 dollars to have the braids removed. DO NOT let them yank your braids out! If they are too rough, leave because they are probably not installing them correctly either. Before I was better educated on hair, I had a stylist yank my braids out. I picked up some of the braiding hair off the floor and you could see my real hair at the top..root and all.

Happy braid removing!

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