Natural Hair Styles For Black Women

Discussions of natural hairstyles of black women in the United States can be a bit controversial. For many of us, hair is an important, and sometimes stressful, part of life, as we try to make our hair conform to an idea of beauty that is based on hair types totally different from our own.

debate and various opinions.

So many of us have treated our hair with chemicals, such as relaxer, for most of our life, in an effort to have hair that is more manageable. Unfortunately, this results in unhealthy, brittle hair. That is why many of us, all around the world, have been looking at natural hairstyles and natural hair products. Wearing one's hair natural is not only healthier, but also more fun.

Many of us are afraid to go natural. Typically, our hair is very thick with tight waves, or curls. This makes something as everyday as running a comb through our hair seem like an arduous task. The trick to managing a natural hairstyle is finding hair products made just for us. There are products made specifically to tame wild tangles, without chemicals. Also, check out your neighborhood beauty salon. Ask them specifically if they do natural hair.

Unfortunately, some salons don't do natural hair because of the level of difficulty. Once you find a salon, ask if we have any pictures showing natural hairstyles of black women. There are many styles available, such as twists or dreadlocks, and braids and cornrows are quite popular as well. For those that prefer straight hair, most beauty supply stores sell hot combs. A hot comb is simply a comb heated by thermal energy. The heat straightens hair. The downside of this style is that it requires a lot of maintenance.

Natural hairstyles of of us are definitely making a comeback. Such celebrities as Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Lauren Hill wear the natural look. Recently, even super model Tyra Banks, dedicated a show to debuting her hair without its famous weave. There is a controversial debate amongst the black community regarding natural hair. Many believe that of us should shrug American society's view on beauty, and embrace our roots by going natural.

No matter what your views are, going natural definitely has its pros and cons, and chemically treated hair has many drawbacks. If not properly maintained, hair can become thin and brittle. In bad cases, hair may even fall out completely. By trying some of the natural hairstyles, your hair can become stronger, shinier, and fuller.

Many shy away from natural hair because we believe it requires too much maintenance and money. This isn't true for all styles. Dreadlocks, twists, cornrows, and braids are probably the simplest hairstyles. Most require an initial visit to the salon to have them installed. After that, you hardly need to touch them. If you're interested in natural hairstyles, take the leap. Many say our self-esteem skyrocketed once we went natural. Knowing that what makes you beautiful is natural, is a huge ego booster. If your hair is already chemically straightened, don't worry. It's a myth that you must cut off all your hair in order to go natural. Just make an appointment with a qualified hair stylist and we'll have you on your way to wearing your naturally beautiful hair in no time.

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