Beginning the Sisterlocks Journey

Congratulations on your desire to begin the Sisterlocks journey. They are one of the most beautiful natural styles that African American women choose to wear. Due to their size, they are as versatile as your own hair. The styling options are endless. They offer that get up and go capability that so many of us seek.

They were founded in 1993 by Dr. Joanne Cornwell. They are like mico dreadlocks and are empowering women all around the country. I must admit that since doing the research on these micro locks, I have been thinking about them constantly. I think they are absolutely beautiful. I am a fan of dreadlocks as well. These locs are different because they are not as thick or heavy. Wearers are also advised not to use any waxes, jells, creams, or extensions so that there is no unnecessary stress or weight on the locks.

In fact, DynamicRunner shared her regime on Youtube. It only consists of spritzing locks daily with water, sleeping in a satin scarf, re-tightening locs every month and washing weekly.

You can get them even if you have relaxed ends. However, you should have some new growth present when they are installed. Some people have counts of 400-500 locks at the time of installation which may take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours. They are installed using a tool that resembles a crochet needle.

While they may have a high upfront cost, they will save you money over the long run. One article had the start up cost averaging $500 - $600 and then you would continue to pay $60 - $120 dollars every 6-8 weeks for re-tightening.

Maintaining the locks is fairly easy considering the example regime I gave earlier. Some wearers even take classes to learn how to re-tighten their own locs.

The technique should not cause any damage to your hair, hairline, or scalp is they are cared for properly.

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