Versatile Twist Hairstyles

Twist hairstyles are just as popular and versatile as most braid styles. This is especially true among children and those of us who wear our natural hair. The most popular for natural hair are the two-strand twists, flat twists, and twist outs. Kinky and Senegalese Twists are usually done with extensions.

When you are applying any type of twist style, be sure to twist when dry if you intend to show off your length. Twisting your hair when wet, will lead to shrinkage. However, if you are trying to achieve a twist-out look, the wave pattern will be more defined if you install when wet and secure ends until dry.

Double Stranded Flat Twists

Not only are these stylish, but they are easy to install and lasts for a couple of weeks. They are installed the same as cornrows except for instead of working with three strands, you are only working with two.

  1. You begin by sectioning and parting your hair based on how you want to style it.
  2. Beginning at the top of the forehead of a parted section, grab two equal sections of hair and twist twice. Right over left and then the left of over right.
  3. Now begin picking up hair as you go along and continue to twist

Double Stranded Flat Twists

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