Have You Heard of Wild Growth Hair Oil?

Wild Growth Hair Oil is a popular hair product that will help your hair grow very quickly, being made of minerals, vitamins, and oils derived from plants. Made with natural ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vegetal sources such as vitamin D, this product has been proven to work very effectively on African type hair.

This amber-colored leave-in oil penetrates the hair and scalp very quickly. Those who have used it have reported hair growth results that are off the charts. Many have said that they achieved shoulder and below shoulder length hair from using this product. Others have mentioned that it helped with the growth of short hair and made it thicker. Some have said that it also improved their receding hairlines, bald spots, and thinning at the temples.

Personally, I experienced great results when I applied it to my daughter's hair. She has always been a natural and I will never relax her hair. After using this product, her hair grew. I wouldn't say it thickened from it but when I applied it to the ends of hair daily, I did notice a huge jump in growth. I used it when I had issues with my hair line and thinning. It did help my hair line, I had some really thin sposts that filled in quite nicely. It didn't thicken up my hair, that did not happen until I stopped relaxing it and made for sure that I let it get plenty of air.

The only real problem reported wasn't necessarily about how well the product works, but rather the fact that it made the hair very oily. Even then, they still report that it helped with their hair growth. The extra-oily effect happens when the product is used on naturally oily hair. To avoid oiliness, I would suggest that they use far less than recommended amount to still experience a benefit in hair growth.

Wild Growth Hair Oil helps transform hard-to-manage, coarse and dry hair instantly into a very natural soft, strong and shiny hair. Your grooming time and effort is cut in half whether you are brushing, combing, blow drying, braiding, or pressing. It is also formulated to be very effective in controlling hair breakage and conveys a deep softness in the scalps for better overall hair growth.

The time it takes to grow your hair using Wild Growth Hair Oil can take anywhere from one to two months on average, depending on your type of hair. Some people have reported seeing results in just a few days after using the hair oil for the first time, while others have seen results after a few weeks or months.

For maximum effectiveness, follow these directions for use.

  • First, squeeze about a nickel sized shallow pool of the oil into the palm of your hand and rub it with the other hand.
  • Work the oil into one section of dried hair and repeat the previous step until all of the sections are finished. As a result, the hair is more soft and manageable.
  • From there, the hair can be parted easily.
  • Squeeze a small amount onto the scalp in the parted area. Do this along every hair part and use your finger to make it easy to spread the oil.
  • The oil-treated hair can be combed or brushed for a natural look, dried sitting under a dryer for a more even coverage, or pressed for a more sophisticated curly or straight look.

For those who have braids or dreads, the product's bottle tip can be used as an applicator to run down each braid one at a time. When the scalp becomes dry to the touch between washings, then it's time to re-apply Wild Growth Hair Oil.

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